Съюз на Физиците в България

The Annual Meetings of the EMS aim at fostering exchange and cross-fertilization of ideas in the meteorological, climatological and related communities, focusing particularly on strategic issues relevant to the future of meteorology in Europe.The EMS Annual Meetings are organised alternately with the European Conference on Applied Climatology (ECAC) and the European Conference on Applications of Meteorology (ECAM).

The 15th EMS Annual Meeting & 12th European Conference on Applications of Meteorology (ECAM) | 07 – 11 September 2015 | Sofia, Bulgaria are hosted by the Bulgarian Meteorological Society (Section Meteorologists of UPhB) and the Aviometeorological Club of Bulgaria.

The event covers wide range of topics related to physics of the atmosphere and all related applications. The Conference theme in 2015 is "High impact weather and hydrological hazards: from observation to impact mitigation".

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Deadline for abstracts with award application - 19 March 2015
Deadline for regular abstracts - 24 April 2015

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