Ivan L. Stefanov

                     Associate Professor, Ph.D.


                        Sofia University
                        Physics Department

                    5 James Bouchier Str.

  1164 Sofia, Bulgaria

E-mail: lambrev@phys.uni-sofia.bg

               Tel: (+359) 2 8161 775



Ivan Stefanov - CV                            


University (1979-84): Master degree in Physics from the University of Sofia, Faculty of Physics, with specialisation in Quantum electronics and laser physics.

Ph.D. (1985-89): Laboratory of laser spectroscopy (Sofia university)


Staff member of the Faculty of Physics in the University of Sofia since 1989 as follows: Researcher (1989-91); Senior Assistant Professor (1992-94); Head Assistant Professor (1995-2000); Associate Professor (since 2000); Head of the Laboratory for Laser Technology (since 2004).

Academic duties

Lectures and seminars on Laser spectroscopy, Nonlinear optics, Optics, Metrology for undergraduate and graduate students;


The main scientific and applied contributions relate to the following areas: nonlinear laser spectroscopy of atoms and dimers, generation of coherent stimulated emission in UV and IR ranges of the spectrum, generation and distribution of soliton-like waves, development of spectral instruments.

Rich experience in developing, modifying and using program codes in FORTRAN, C, C ++ for simulation and analysis of data.

Development of hardware systems with wireless data transmission for environmental applications.



List of Publications