Osho’s response to a question on homosexuality 

Original Question:

The questioner says: I have a lover...and I have an eating disorder.
Osho asks: The lover is a man?
The questioner answers: Yes.
* * *

... that won’t help much. Your Montreal is almost all homosexual, the whole city. That won’t help much, that cannot become the real thing, because both the energies are the same. It cannot give you a deep fulfillment -- at the most it remains masturbatory. A woman is needed. It is as if you are trying to be reborn from a man. I think sooner or later in Montreal people will try that -- to be finished with women completely.

But you are born out of a woman, and deep inside the unconscious you carry an image of a woman, not a man. And unless you find a woman with whom you can be in the same deep love as you were with your mother, into whom you can again enter as you were in the womb of your mother, you will not be fulfilled. You are deceived -- homosexuality will not help. It can give you a certain comfort -- but it is false.

To fit perfectly a man needs a woman, a woman needs a man. They are polar opposites, and that polarity is needed. It is just as if you are trying to create electricity without polar opposites, without positive and negative.

Sex is a deep function of bio-electricity. You are an electrical phenomenon, a woman is an electrical phenomenon. She is negative, you are positive; she is passive, you are active. When the active energy meets with the passive energy in deep communion, there is a fulfillment, there is orgasm. A cosmic experience happens which leaves no emptiness in you, at least for the time being.

But your making love to a man, or a woman making love to a woman, is not going to help. I am not against homosexuality: I am simply stating a fact. I have no condemnation for it, but it will not be fulfilling -- that much I have to say.

...Find a woman. If you cannot find one, tell me.

The questioner answers: I feel very great friendship towards women....I feel love, but I don’t feel like I want to make love.

Osho: You will have to. It has become a habit and you have to get out of it. It has become a dead routine. Make a friendship with a man -- and that you are doing with women. Make love to a woman -- and that you are doing with men. You are topsy-turvy.

The questioner replies: But I was also married....

Osho: You remained homosexual. You have made love to a woman but you were never in it. So try it again, and try here. Just open your eyes and look again. I know how difficult it is, because once homosexuality settles in the mind you are attracted only towards men. Suddenly women don’t exist; they are no longer attractive.

But this is dangerous. Then this food problem will remain with you your whole life -- and this is not the only problem. Others will remain and it will be difficult to solve them. You just have a look. Find a woman, and even if you just feel friendship, bring her to me, because I will have to talk to the woman to force you out of your habit. You will need a very very wise woman to bring you out of your rut. I will make her wise. You just find one! And if you cannot, I will find a woman and force her to seduce you!

But first you try -- because the very effort will be very very good. So from tomorrow morning you start looking. There are many beautiful women around here, don’t be worried. Somebody will take pity!

Once you enter into a relationship, the right relationship in which things flow, your food problem will disappear. It has to disappear; it is not a problem, it is just symptomatic.

Try, and then we will see. Make it a real search, sincerely try to find a woman, mm? Because it is time...if you delay, then every day it will be later and later, and things will become more difficult.

Osho: Above All Don’t Wobble, Chapter 11