Ivan P. Christov

Professor, D.Sc., Ph.D.

Sofia University
Physics Department
5 James Bourchier Str
1164 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: ( +3592) 8161 741



Biographical Information

List of Publications

  • Wave and quantum optics
  • Photonic structures
  • Physics of high-power optical fields
Research interests and key publications:
Dr. Christov's research has been directed to development of advanced methods for generation and amplification of ultrashort coherent pulses
in the visible and x-ray spectral domains. He and his collaborators proposed how linearly polarized femtosecond IR pulses can be used to
generate isolated attosecond x-ray pulses by atoms and free relativistic electrons, and how to amplify these pulses by strong-field quasi-phase
matching in modulated waveguides. He currently is working on theoretical models to better understand light-matter interaction in attosecond
time scale that include development of new time-dependent quantum Monte Carlo methods.

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·         correlated electron dynamics, time-dependent quantum Monte Carlo:

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