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Analog Devices web site Leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced digital signal processors and high quality analog and digital products (ADC, DAC, OPAMP, DDS). Many of the designs on this page are based upon these components. Excellent support and technical documentation.

Electronics World Magazine The Electronics World incorporating Wireless World magazine is a world known publication about modern up-to-date trends and developments in Electronics and Computer Science. Practical and useful projects are published every month in different areas - Audio, Video, Wireless, Instrumentation, Machine control, Digital Signal Processing, Computer, Web design and trends and many others.
Unfortunately the magazine has changed dramatically its look (due to an editors change) and now looks more like a free advertising magazine. So keep looking for the old issues with useful projects.

Information about the owner of this place can be found here.

New: The SDIT270 Serial Digital Interface (SDI) test pattern generator and tester. Find more information at  Products Folder - SDIT270 .
New: SDIC08 – SMPTE 259M Serial Digital Interface to YUV/RGB and Composite 10-bit Video Encoder. Find more information at  Products Folder - SDIC08 . Also see the SDIC10 SDI to YUV/RGB / Composite / Luma / Chroma 10-bit Video Encoder offering many extended features like Gamma Correction and Digital Noise Reduction - Products Folder - SDIC10.
New: CSDI10 – YUV and Composite to SMPTE 259M Serial Digital Interface 10-bit Video Decoder. Find more information at  Products Folder - CSDI10 .
New: DDA-1x16 – SMPTE 259M Serial Digital Interface 1x16 Distribution Amplifier with Equalising and Reclock. Find more information at  Products Folder - DDA-1x16 .

   Wireless Networks and Protocols: The wireless communications and computer networks are the main topic of the new book of Assoc.Prof. Emil Vladkov, PhD. The whole complexity and beauty of the technological solutions for IEEE 802.11 networks and Bluetooth personal networks are presented to the reader in the context of the different kinds of wireless solutions for user mobility. The system architecture, planning, security and performance analysis are also touched. The book includes great amount of technical detail in 606 pages, so it can be used as a reference material, but also as an useful textbook for everyone interested in the area of wireless communications. The book can be purchased from the author. Please contact me by e-mail for inquiries about the book.at e_vladkov@yahoo.com.

Излезе от печат книгата “Безжични мрежи и протоколи” на доц. д-р Емил Владков, издание на Ciela, 606 страници.
Книгата си поставя задачата да представи цялата комплексност и красота на технологичните решения, стоящи в основата на двете широко-разпространени безжични мрежови технологии – безжичните компю мрежи по стандарт 802.11 във всичките им разновидности и безжичните персонални мрежи Bluetooth. Разбира се това е направено в контекста на многото други безжични мрежови технологии, осигуряващи мобилност на потребителите. Засегнати са въпроси, свързани с функционирането на всяка конкретна технология, както и проблемите на системната архитектура и планиране, сигурността на мрежите, анализа, измерването им и оптимизацията на техните параметри. В книгата са представени голямо количество технически детайли, което позволява ползването и не само като учебно пособие за всеки, решил да навлиза в облатта на безжичните комуникации, но и като справочна литература за работещите в тази сфера.
За повече информация, моля обръщайте се към доц. д-р Емил Владков на e-mail: e_vladkov@yahoo.com.

Digital Video Broadcasting - the new book A new book about Digital Video Broadcasting from Prof. Emil Vladkov. An ART GRAPHIC publication, available in Bulgarian at this moment (future translation in English planned). The book summarizes many complex technical issues, without going too much into detail, but always putting emphasis on the functionality that the technology is aiming at. Very useful for both professionals and individuals with general up-to-date technical knowledge.

 Download here
"Analog TV to DVB-T Switchover - The Bulgarian Approach" by Prof. Emil Vladkov

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