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Факултетен семинар: The Bogolyubov R-Operation in Non-renormalizable Theories

На 24 ноември, сряда, от 16ч, в зала А315 за пръв път от две години ще се
проведе присъствен семинар. Семинарът ще се проведе при спазване на
противоепидемичните мерки, определени в заповед на Министъра на
здравеопазването и заповедта на Декана на Физически факултет.

Лектор: чл.-кор. на РАН проф. Дмитрий Казаков, директор на Лаборатория
по Теоретична Физика, ОИЯИ- Дубна
Тема: The Bogolyubov R-Operation in Non-renormalizable Theories.

Анотация: It is shown how an ordinary Bogolyubov R-operation procedure works in nonrenormalizable theories. The key point is replacement of multiplicative renormalization used in renormalizable theories by an operation where the renormalization constant depends on the momenta over which integration is carried out in subgraphs. In this case, exactly as in renormalizable theories, the requirement of locality of counterterms leads to recurrence relations connecting leading, subleading, and other successive UV divergences in all orders of perturbation theory (PT). This allows generalized renormalization group equations for scattering amplitudes to be derived, which have an integro-differential form and lead to summation of leading asymptotics, as in renormalizable theories. Some examples, including the maximally supersymmetric theories in higher dimensions, scalar models in higher dimensions as well as the Wess-Zumino model with quartic interaction in 4 dimensions are considered.

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